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Russell, Brier & Co. LLP Merger


Walter & Shuffain, P.C. merges in Russell, Brier & Co. LLP  

Bringing Two Strong Boston CPA Firms Together 

The joining of Walter & Shuffain and Russell Brier brings together two firms with complementary expertise and resources to provide one holistic client experience for clients in the Boston metro area. The merging in of Russell Brier means all our clients have access to an even deeper bench of talent than before, increasing our capacity to cover all your business and individual tax and accounting needs.  

The Russell Brier team brings to the table a storied reputation for comprehensive tax, estate, trust, and fiduciary planning knowledge that Walter & Shuffain clients will find invaluable. As the teams join together, your Walter & Shuffain leaders will introduce this expertise when appropriate to achieve your goals. In addition to the comprehensive individual and business tax planning guidance you already experience, you will have access to: 

  • Knowledgeable fiduciary tax advisors who can take care of estate and trust compliance as well as provide probate services 
  • Experienced estate and tax planning experts who understand the challenges you face in planning for the future of your loved ones 
  • Dedicated trustees and/or executors to ensure your long-term goals come to fruition 

Be on the lookout for more opportunities through this connection in the near future. We're looking forward to what’s to come. 

Joining the shareholders of Walter & Shuffain are: 

Ronald S. Perry, CPA/PFS, MST

Ron has over 24 years of CPA expertise in complex business and tax matters, financial planning, and family succession planning. Clients will value his diverse business consulting experience and specialized knowledge in estate, trust, and gift tax planning.

Stephen D. Candelario, CPA

Steve’s experience includes audit and accounting services for businesses and nonprofits. Clients will value his strong business acumen and ability to bring their numbers to life so they can make better data-informed decisions.   

Joining as consulting advisors are: 

Bill Flanagan, CPA, JD 

With over 40 years of experience, Steve’s career has focused on helping individual clients with their personal income tax planning and strategy. Clients will value his knowledge and dedication to the fundamentals of fiduciary and estate tax compliance.   

Stephen D. Raich, CPA 

Steve has specialized in educating his clients (and future accountants) on the integrated nature of personal and business tax planning with long-term estate, trust, and fiduciary planning for over 40 years. Clients will value his innovative approach to long-term tax and wealth planning.  

The entire Russell Brier team will be joining Walter & Shuffain, and we’re looking forward to combining our teams’ knowledge and experience to achieve common goals on short and long-term tax and accounting issues for our clients.