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If business challenges are blocking your path to profitability and growth, consider the consulting services from Walter & Shuffain. We offer the expertise in managing all of the operations and functions that will help your business achieve its highest level of long-term success.

W&S provides business planning, business transaction and succession planning services. By offering knowledge of your industry and an understanding of your competitors, we’ll provide the solutions you need to establish—or re-establish—your business as a leader in its industry.

Whether you are starting a new venture, or looking to improve the performance of your existing business, let W&S show you the right perspective.

Business Planning Services

Many organizations have the technical expertise, marketing strategies and vision to drive future financial success. But without a strong framework to support these endeavors, the potential for failure can be all too real.

W&S's business planning services provide the structure needed to ensure your company's success. Whether you’re attempting to secure financing, explore investment options, or develop a succession plan, our business consulting team can help by preparing a detailed business plan of your current operations and your future prospects and plans.

By comparing your company's financial ratios against industry standards and preparing easy-to-understand presentations, W&S will help develop an analytical reporting package that fits your needs. Our in-depth knowledge of processes such as return on investment (ROI) studies, break-even analysis, pricing models and flowcharting allows our team to develop a plan to heighten your company's success.

Our business planning services include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Business plans and start-ups
  • Profit and loss forecasts
  • Cash management and "controller for a day" services
  • Annual budget preparation and cash flow forecasting
  • Product pricing and costing decisions
  • Business succession planning
  • Establishing credit policies
  • Business performance measurement
  • Tax representation with the IRS
  • Establishing cost controls

Business Transaction Services

Whether you are buying or selling, if the sale of a business isn’t handled properly, things can go very wrong, very quickly.  Make sure you do it right by working with the team at W&S.

With years of experience in business transactions, we’re able to provide expert management advisory services on merger/acquisition transactions, succession planning and tax planning services. Our professionals take the time to understand your business, and its objectives, and are always up to date on the rules and regulations specific to this field. This allows us to structure and document transactions that ensure optimum tax results, risk management and asset protection.

Our business transaction services include:

  • Changes in business ownership
  • Due diligence analysis
  • Business formation, capital structure and/or restructuring
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Developing effective and efficient operations and internal controls
  • Budgeting, planning and cash flow analysis
  • Fiscal and financial management systems selection and analysis
  • Financing
  • Partnership interests and merger negotiations
  • Subsidiaries, divisions, profit centers
  • Corporate or partnership recapitalization
  • Valuations of incentive stock options
  • Assistance with preparing buy/sell agreements
  • Valuations for sales of stock to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • Valuations for minority shareholder stock repurchases
  • Contributions of closely held stock

Business Succession Planning Services

Success today is a minute-to-minute challenge that requires powerful vision and unwavering commitment. Many small business owners are too busy doing actual business to develop a plan for who will take over in the future. When you decide it’s time to step away, an effective transition plan is critical to the continued success of your company.

With a solid background in tax and other financial matters, W&S’s succession planning experts will address the complex issues of business continuation and assist in developing a comprehensive plan; one that offers the greatest benefit to both the owner and the company, as well as minimizes the tax consequences. Once the plan is in place, we’ll follow up with annual reminders to review and revise it based on changes in circumstances (such as retirement, illness, a child joining the business or a change in marital status).

If you wish you could stop wondering if and how your business will continue without you, why not let us help?

Our business succession planning services include:

  • Plans for business succession
  • Business valuations to calculate real value of the business
  • Recommended approaches to minimize tax liabilities
  • Plans for a disposition of company property
  • Family limited partnership services
  • Trust taxation

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