Your business needs teamwork on the plant floor
and in the marketplace.

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Your business needs teamwork on the plant floor and in the marketplace.

Your connections have value and impact, whether they are your distributors, your customers, your lenders or your advisors. If one link weakens in the chain, your goals do, too.

To keep production high and cash flow higher, it takes a skilled negotiator, a careful operator and a data miner. You may not have all of those people in-house, but we know where to find them.

How do they plan for capital purchases or what is the effect of overtime vs. hiring? What are the cost differentials to alternative sourcing? These are the questions our clients ask us because we are closely aligned with their daily operations.

- William Cooper, CPA, Shareholder

From the trials of a recession to the unexpected of a pandemic, Walter Shuffain has stood by manufacturing clients to help them stay agile. Whether it’s optimizing their supply chain and inventory, offering strong financial narratives for financing or tax planning for cash flow opportunities, we get it. And we help you achieve it.

Walter Shuffain is also your partner for M&A activities, including opportunities to acquire or entertain the right buyer for your exit strategy. With that focus, we offer a variety of services to prepare for future transactions, including:

    • Audits and due diligence
    • Budget analysis and forecasting
    • Costing and pricing decisions
    • KPIs and performance measurement
    • Changes in business ownership
    • Changes in entity structure
    • Financing consulting
    • Outsourced accounting/CFO services
    • R&D tax credit studies
    • Succession planning
    • Stock and compensation valuations
    • Wealth management services
    • Quality of earning reports

Consulting begins with the business, but you also want to plan ahead for owner transitions and estate planning. We advise on special circumstances for closely held companies such as shareholders who aren’t active in the business or methods for you to establish trustees for growing family assets.

Your manufacturing team at Walter Shuffain is here for you from formation to exit.

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