Cost Segregation

One decision could save you thousands.
A modern apartment building with orange, translucent orange, and gray balconies.

Cost Segregation

One decision could save you thousands.

A cost segregation study is a powerful tool for owners of real estate. It provides a method of accelerating depreciation on real estate acquisitions or capital improvements. Real estate owners of multi-family, retail or commercial properties may be asking: Can we save a significant amount on taxes? It is possible with the right tax planning guidance following a cost segregation study.

A cost segregation study identifies and reclassifies personal property assets to shorten their depreciation life for tax purposes, which is a method for reducing current income tax obligations. Personal property assets include a building’s non-structural elements, exterior land improvements and indirect construction costs.

It’s the planning and client interaction throughout the year that really provides value to both parties in a real estate transaction. The more we know, the more we can help with ideas such as cost seg studies. That’s the Walter Shuffain way.

- Jonathan Yorks, CPA, Managing Shareholder

Presenting you with opportunities that other CPA firms may overlook is a small step in our consulting process. The value comes from tax advantages over time. With proper entity structuring, accounting treatment and research, we support future acquisitions, exchanges and/or sales.

As consultants to real estate developers, private equity funds, investors and business owners, Walter Shuffain is a recognized leader in real estate consulting. Whether you need us today, tomorrow or 20 years from now, you have a partner in Walter Shuffain.

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