Estate and Trust Tax

Strategic multi-generational trust and estate tax planning.

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Estate and Trust Tax

Strategic multi-generational trust and estate tax planning.

The way we manage and protect our family assets often shapes the family relationship for many generations. Estate Planning very often includes trusts to help preserve wealth for future generations, protect our spouses and partners, and protect your family legacy.

Walter Shuffain guides their clients through a thoughtful and thorough process of estate planning by considering the goals and objectives that each individual wants to achieve. Utilizing an experienced team, they work together with attorneys and financial advisors, being mindful of both short-term objectives such as such as asset protection strategies, or developing the most tax efficient means of transferring assets during life or after death; as well as long term objectives. At every step along this journey, we assess how various dispositions will affect you personally.

At Walter Shuffain, we are privileged to work with many of the nation's leading trust and estate planning attorneys. Equally important, we pride ourselves in being proactive, as well as accessible and responsive.

- Ronald S. Perry, CPA/PFS, MST, Shareholder

Walter Shuffain provides high net-worth families, fiduciaries, executors, personal representatives and other trusted advisors with unbiased, independent and objective tax and financial planning services throughout New England as well as the United States. Our partners assist in the administration of more than a thousand trusts with combined assets in the billions. We often serve as fiduciaries for our clients, during life and after death, in the role of both trustee and executor.

We deliver knowledge and experience with multi-generational estate planning and lifetime wealth transfer consulting, generation skipping tax planning, capital gains, deferral techniques , charitable planning and retirement planning tools and techniques.

Our  estate and trust related consulting includes:

    • Choice of domicile planning
    • Choice of situs and related nexus issues
    • Fiduciary accounting and administration
    • Estate tax and gift tax return preparation
    • Estate and gift tax audits (federal and state)
    • Estate settlement, trust termination and distribution
    • Generation skipping tax (GST) planning
    • Gifting strategies and charitable planning
    • Multi-state tax preparation and administration
    • Private foundation planning and assurance
    • Post-mortem tax, bill pay, accounting and financial planning
    • Review of existing wills and trust agreements
    • Trust decanting

This is by no means an exhaustive list because the estate planning needs of closely held business owners and high-net-worth families are complex and unique. We are happy to discuss your current trust or estate tax planning concerns or questions. We can also collaborate with your attorney and other advisors to support a robust and agile estate plan.

Ask us about Walter Shuffain’s family office consulting for a dedicated approach to managing your ongoing financial life.

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