Outsourced Accounting

Access critical financial data where and when you need it.
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Outsourced Accounting

Access critical financial data where and when you need it.

To be successful, you must be able to bill and collect from your customers regularly, pay your employees and vendors accurately and timely, and you need to be able to rely on your numbers to give you the right information quickly so that you can manage the day-to-day AND make the complex strategic decisions. The best way to ensure this result is to build a skilled, multi-level accounting team that will not only take care of the details but also help you interpret the numbers and who will be a strategic thought partner on the big decisions.

Hiring great people is the accounting industry's number one challenge, and for private companies and non-accountants, hiring and retaining accounting teams has become a serious problem, resulting in extended timelines for hiring, delayed and inaccurate reporting, and additional attrition in the accounting team. This problem has gotten to the point that it can be considered a significant enterprise risk.

Let Walter Shuffain take care of your accounting, and let it be our responsibility to find and retain diverse, talented staff so you can focus on what matters most.

Outsourcing your accounting services will expand your access to accurate and timely financial data, plus clear guidance to protect and enhance your business interests.

Whether you are just starting or aiming to grow your operations, Walter Shuffain can assist budding entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to become more efficient.

We have several layers of controls in place to ensure their information is secure, and we create bespoke systems to focus on the advanced consulting and reporting that matters most to each client.

- Leah Belanger, CPA, MST, Shareholder

The Power of Financial Intelligence

Outsourcing your accounting team to Walter Shuffain means that you will have a diverse team of people who are custom-built by skill set for your needs. Additionally, due to our direct experience in the accounting talent market, we will make sure that you have the right team, allowing you to transfer the risk of team turnover to us from you.

Our teams handle all accounting functions from BillPay/accounts payable to CFO-level advisory services and everything in between.

You can easily scale up our services for more sophisticated analysis and reporting or scale them back should you need them without the dilemma of whether you should let good employees go.

Outsourced accounting services can include:

    • Accounting software consulting and implementation
    • General ledger management
    • Cash management (e.g., cash receipt/disbursement recording and reconciliations)
    • Bill payments
    • Credit card and expense reimbursement reconciliations
    • Accounts receivable and accounts payable analysis and support
    • Payroll recording and processing
    • Budgetary and expense management
    • Cash flow planning (13-week cash flow analysis, other forecasting
    • Monthly close
    • Annual audit preparation
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting
    • CFO level services

When you partner with Walter Shuffain's outsourced accounting team, you can access a wealth of experience you won't find elsewhere.

  1. We are passionate. Our professionals are dedicated and passionate about their careers in accounting, which means you will experience exceptional quality and service.
  2. We are experienced. Gain a competitive edge with our team's combination of internal and outsourced expertise. We bring a unique perspective, having experience managing finances within organizations and from an external standpoint.
  3. We are efficient. With our extensive experience in bookkeeping and general ledger management, our diverse team has encountered nearly every scenario imaginable. Our expertise spans various tech stacks, enabling us to provide fast and efficient solutions.

Walter Shuffain's outsourced accounting services give you the right data and insights to run your business and plan for your future. Our accessible and experienced advisors can help you take your business to the next level. Contact us for a consultation.


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