Outsourced CFO/Controller

Foresight. It’s the difference between running a business and becoming a household name.
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Outsourced CFO/Controller Services

Foresight. It’s the difference between running a business and becoming a household name.

Outsourcing your controller or CFO does not have to be a long-term strategy, but it’s a very good strategy in the early to mid-life of a company. Entrepreneurs and executives are the brains of sales, marketing and operations; you are fantastic at what you do. The financial side of your business is the fuel, and it needs special attention to maximize its power.

Timing is everything. When a vendor wants to renegotiate pricing, a client hasn’t paid on time or a lender needs financials yesterday to underwrite your expansion plan, you need someone in your corner to advise you and provide accurate data for more powerful conversations.

There is so much going on in a business, and that’s why we cut through the noise, get to the big picture first and work our way down to specifics, run only the analytics they need to save them time and worry.

- Stephen Candelario, CPA, Shareholder

As your outsourced controller or CFO, we are monitoring your budget, advising on cash flow and providing oversight on your financials to help you make timely decisions. By actively assessing the impact of these decisions on your debt covenants, your investors or your employees, your team at Walter Shuffain can delve into those what-if scenarios and clarify your options.

By outsourcing, you gain a full-service team who translates your financial data into key performance indicators and realistic narratives for things like tax planning, debt repayment, staffing or expansion plans. Some of our services at this level of outsourcing include:

    • Budget planning and forecasting
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Compensation and benefits guidance
    • Financial statement analysis
    • Operational advisory services
    • Risk management planning
    • Tax planning guidance
    • Transaction due diligence

Our menu of services is tailored to your needs, and we can scale up services and consulting as your business or organization grows. We can even help you hire and onboard in-house financial staff when the time is right. Ask us how to get started with an outsourcing relationship at Walter Shuffain.

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