When you are racing daylight across the globe to make the most of your company’s resources and productivity, financial data can’t be late.

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When you are racing daylight across the globe to make the most of your company’s resources and productivity, financial data can’t be late.

Technology companies may headquarter in Boston or the northeast region, but operate globally. Innovation is collaborative in its design as well as your ability to fund, license, launch, profit and exit. Your job is to innovate the what. Your CPA’s job is to anticipate the how.

We are ready and able to move through all iterations of ownership and financing rounds that take tech companies from start-up to final exit strategy.

- Leah Belanger, CPA, Shareholder

Through Walter Shuffain’s deep knowledge of private equity funds and portfolio companies, we understand how to guide you on management decisions and shorter owner exit horizons. We know what investors look for and how to position your company because we have advised other tech firms through multiple funding rounds.

Integrating your CPA and advisory team with your attorneys, lenders and other business partners early in the life of your company will also support timely strategies and efficient transactions. You don’t have the bandwidth to teach your team about your industry, so make sure your first referral is to a firm that understands serial M&A — a firm that can and has guided multi-million dollar transactions. That’s Walter Shuffain.

Additional services we provide include:

    • New entity formation and selection
    • Accounting systems and financial reporting design
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Stock option advisory and support
    • Consulting prior to an IPO
    • Intellectual property issues (including valuation)
    • Maximizing utilization of net operating losses
    • R&D tax credit planning
    • Retirement programs
    • Tax strategy and planning
    • Succession planning
    • Owner wealth and estate planning
    • Family office services
    • Audit and assurance

We have worked with high-tech, software, biotechnology and other tech clients to improve their financial infrastructure and tax position. Later, audited financial statements stand up to the scrutiny of multiple funding rounds or private equity partnerships. New PE ownership groups have also retained us after major technology acquisitions to deliver financial context of the portfolio company along with timely reporting.

Your tech company’s ownership structure can change within a couple years, and technology breakthroughs can happen anywhere and anytime. You need guidance for navigating those transitions and bringing your business first to market. Be the early bird with help from Walter Shuffain.

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