Business Consulting

What keeps you awake? Instead of counting sheep or pacing, we are a phone call away.
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Business Consulting

What keeps you awake? Instead of counting sheep or pacing, we are a phone call away.

One sign of a great relationship is when you finish a conversation and feel more relaxed. You feel more relaxed because the problem is solved or on its way to a solution. And that can only happen through knowledge of the industry, its players and the resources available to pursue the right outcome.

Our clients’ world doesn’t stop because we’re busy. If I haven’t heard from a client in a week, I’m reaching out and saying, ‘What’s new?’ That’s how you build trust.

- William Cooper, CPA, Shareholder

What’s new may be a discussion around cash flow forecasting or financing. It may involve accounting adjustments or how to properly apply a new reporting standard, but it’s also the complexity of transaction due diligence, stock valuations or the formation of a new entity. Every situation is unique. Your advisory team needs to anticipate it and plan ahead for it with you.

Whether consulting on a simple question, doing research and analysis or pointing you to the right resources, Walter Shuffain delivers answers for:

    • Accounting systems selection
    • Assurance requirements and internal controls
    • Budget analysis and forecasting
    • Business plans
    • Costing and pricing decisions
    • KPIs and performance measurement
    • Changes in business ownership
    • Changes in entity structure
    • Financing options
    • M&A considerations
    • Succession planning
    • Stock and compensation valuations
    • Estate, trust and gifting strategies

Consulting begins with the business, but the intent is also about how owners or shareholders should structure their individual goals to enhance income and manage tax impacts.

When we talk with you about compensation structuring, we’re also thinking about shareholder succession and estate planning. When you need new financing, we’re thinking about the best relationship with a lender that understands your industry and ownership goals. When you set up a business plan or take on investors, we’re already thinking about transaction support, assurance and valuations. That’s our job.

From venture and formation to exit and transition, your business consulting team at Walter Shuffain helps you imagine your ideal in business. Ask us about ways to coordinate the people, resources or money to help you achieve it. Better sleep is on its way.

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