A Legacy for the future

Success is built on discipline. In business and in life,
pick the right advisors to get you there.

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A Legacy for the future

Success is built on discipline. In business and in life, pick the right advisors to get you there.

Every family is unique, and its composition changes over time. Our clients have a chance to create legacies that will outlive them and the generations they leave behind. Through strategic planning, we help families preserve wealth they inherited or earned for future generations while also providing protection from liability. How you secure your families financial future and legacy for the next generation requires discipline.

We offer a range of services to meet your needs, from basic administrative support and compliance management all the way up through overseeing financial arrangements for an entire family. Our approach to serving families is rooted around the families goals and philosophy on money. Our clients include high net worth and ultra high net worth families in New England and throughout the U.S. with domestic and non-U.S. family members and assets. Many of our clients have built and expanded their wealth through private equity, investment management, technology and real estate, and our team of advisors has specific experience in those industries. Our established family office clients have assets under management ranging from $100 million to over $5 billion.

We practice our core values in everything we do to anticipate and respond to the family’s needs. We work with each generation proactively for planning and risk management.

- Jonathan Hitter, CPA, MST, CGMA, Shareholder

At Walter Shuffain, we continuously develop our skills and knowledge to provide solutions for asset protection, succession planning, philanthropic planning and strategic planning for your business and family interests. Your family office can access highly trained tax professionals, financial consultants, business advisors and assurance professionals.

Walter Shuffain’s family office consulting services can include:

    • Asset protection strategies
    • Budgeting and cash management
    • Improvements to financial processes and procedures
    • Family office management, personnel decisions and payroll tax guidance
    • Gifting strategies (e.g. donor advised funds, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, private foundations)
    • Guidance related to charitable gifts of land (e.g. conservation easements and restrictions, bifurcation of family estates, asset transfers using fractional discounts)
    • Real estate consulting for acquisition, sale, financing or development, including tax and management consulting
    • Business, financial and investment related tax consulting (e.g. nexus, SALT, international tax issues)
    • Sophisticated estate planning tools and techniques
    • Multi-generational tax planning and compliance

We will connect with your legal, fiduciary and investment management advisors as appropriate to develop strategies that help you look ahead, make decisions and give you freedom to live the life you love.

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