High Net Worth Tax

Goals and dreams are reshaped through wealth, from a focus on accumulation to a focus on sustainability and legacy.

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High Net Worth Tax

Goals and dreams are reshaped through wealth, from a focus on accumulation to a focus on sustainability and legacy.

When your assets are large, managing those assets through solid investments, tax-friendly savings vehicles and timed distributions become a daily business. Your list of advisors grows, which is why you need a collaborative approach on your estate today and what it will become tomorrow.

Paying attention to the details is critical, as is the right strategy brought to you in a timely manner. Your time is valuable, and your advisory services should make the best use of it.

You may have questions about investment diversification, stock valuation or the most appropriate trust for passing on your wealth. If you hold real estate interests or want to grow them, identifying the pros and cons of a certain investment must be considered before adding it to your portfolio. Taxation is an ever-present concern, and philanthropic requests and community reinvestment options become daunting without help.

I don’t try to give clients specific, one choice answers. It’s their life; their experience. They have a lot of expertise in this area. It’s our role to supplement, not replace the expertise.

- Angela Parziale, CPA, MST, Shareholder

Working with one go-to advisor can be a great relief and time saver. Options such as family office services can guide your day-to-day wealth management, tax planning and risk management so that you can focus on your next business venture, your family or both. Thinking of the future, whether it’s a hospital building in your name or sending the grandchildren to college, you can implement charitable and gifting strategies to support the causes and legacy that you desire.

You have a full life. Wealth should not hold you back or complicate it, simply enhance it. With more than 30 years of experience with high-net-worth individuals and families, Walter Shuffain knows the questions to ask that will help you feel heard and taken care of.

Walter Shuffain covers a wide range of high-net-worth services, including acting as trustees or executors, handling tax planning and reporting, advising on disposition of property or exchanges. Many families refer other family members to Walter Shuffain to support seamless wealth management, distributions and transfer of wealth over time.

If you need a referral to another resource or advisor, we can also share our network of trusted professionals to support you. Whether wealth is new to you or not, begin a fresh conversation with Walter Shuffain.

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