Business Tax Services

Go ahead. Ask us everything about your tax situation. If we can depreciate, mitigate or calculate another way, we’ll find it.
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Business Tax Services

Go ahead. Ask us everything about your tax situation. If we can depreciate, mitigate or calculate another way, we’ll find it.

Whether you’re inventing a new type of bicycle or a medical device, investing in real estate developments or advising multimillion-dollar portfolios, you’re changing the world.

Managing business taxes is not about eliminating them. It’s about identifying the avenues to plan ahead for taxable events in your business and personal situation, to support liquidity and sustain your financial future.

When you’re running a business, we know it’s easier to say, harder to do. And we do it. With large corporations or smaller, closely held ventures, we bring the same amount of diligence and tax expertise to your business that achieves your goals.

- Angela Parziale, CPA, Shareholder

Corporate and individual income have a tax impact now or down the road. Your choice of entity, your retirement plan, your purchases, sales and the jurisdictions in which you operate require strategic insights on how much is taxable and how it’s taxable. From there, your CPA must have an understanding of all opportunities to mitigate or pay the tax at a time that works best for you. Take back control and avoid surprises.

Our taxation services include:

    • Strategic tax planning
    • IRS and state audit representation
    • Tax research, interpretation and analysis
    • International tax planning
    • Estate, gifting and trust tax planning
    • Estate taxation of non-U.S. citizens
    • Creating qualified personal residence trusts
    • Business transactions consulting
    • Executive compensation program consulting

Many of our clients employ a pathway for growth that doesn’t erode from unnecessary taxation. You can build a secure financial legacy by identifying the vehicles now – trusts, investments, philanthropy – that match your ideal way of working, living and giving back.

At Walter Shuffain, we’re the problem solvers who are with you every step of the way.  In formation and choosing the right entity structure, in identifying the expenses that reduce taxable income, and in exit strategies that care for you and the next generation, your ideal tax situation is the one you don’t have to worry about. Ask us how we integrate your business and personal tax profile.

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