Wealth Management Services

Wealth management and preservation occurs over your lifetime and beyond.

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Wealth Mangement Services

Wealth management and preservation occurs over your lifetime and beyond.

Multi-generational wealth is a legacy that requires diligent stewardship and the ultimate in trust. That includes tax planning but also planning for the unexpected.

And for successful business owners and investors who dream of creating legacy wealth or contributing to significant improvements in society, start your planning now.

Walter Shuffain’s wealth management team can quarterback your strategy and point you in the right direction. We are advisors, high-net-worth tax strategists and also trustees and executors for many of our long-time clients. Referrals to clients’ family and friends make up the foundation of our practice after many decades of helping clients transform business wealth into family wealth.

Wealth management services are just one part of Walter Shuffain’s comprehensive family office services. We can assist with your daily financial needs and your long-term planning needs. Because it is so personalized to you and your family, we organize our offerings across several teams who focus specifically on family office consulting, wealth management, estate planning and fiduciary matters. You gain a coordinated and consistent team inside one firm with access to advisors and resources around the world.

We have guided clients through many complex and sometimes emotional family situations. Having a trusted advisor to navigate them with you who isn’t tied to specific investment tools can make all the difference.

- Jonathan Yorks, CPA, Managing Shareholder

Encompassing business and individual goals, Walter Shuffain’s wealth management services deliver independent insights for a variety of needs, including

    • Personal financial planning
    • Private banking needs
    • College planning
    • Retirement planning
    • Investment management
    • Brokerage account selection
    • Insurance coverage needs
    • Trust services
    • Tax advisory
    • Estate and gift planning
Wealth management planning and investing create peace of mind when it’s with someone who knows you and enjoys discovering all of your options. It’s also comforting. When you face life’s challenges, you want that same person there to lighten the burden. Let Walter Shuffain show you how we earn that role and keep it through decades of attentive service. Ask about our experience with managing distributions and capital gains consulting.

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