Transaction Services

When millions are at stake, you can’t leave details to chance. Who is in your corner for this deal?
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Transaction Services

When millions are at stake, you can’t leave details to chance. Who is in your corner for this deal?

Due diligence. That is a phrase that breeds confidence or sweat. Either way, it’s necessary to protect portfolios, investments and legacies. Every good transaction should pencil out, but it should also make good business sense.

It’s a business decision first. Then after you look at the taxes and the accounting you can confirm that it’s a good decision.

- Mark Ravera, CPA, Shareholder

Real estate transactions require a different approach to due diligence than private equity deals. Your team should know the difference between the industries and also the players. The opportunities and risks, the tax impacts, the geography (are we talking Denver or Dubai?) all get factored into proper due diligence and transaction support.

Some transactions may involve one or two entities but impact an entire portfolio. While one transaction is starting or midstream, others are waiting in the wings for due diligence and decisions. The strategic timing of each transaction is a world we are very familiar with and enjoy helping companies navigate for corporate and investor advantage. Some of the skills we bring to these deals include:

    • Compensation arrangements
    • Entity structuring
    • Financial reporting and consulting
    • Fraud risk assessments
    • Fund assurance and tax strategies
    • Like-kind exchanges consulting
    • Performance-based projections
    • Quality of earning analysis
    • Working capital evaluations
    • Tax impact analysis and planning

A closely held entity may only have one or two large transactions within a generation while real estate and private equity portfolios are in the business of transactions. Both sides of the coin deserve attention and respect during the transaction as well as in follow-up consulting. We deliver on both.

Your transaction services team at Walter Shuffain speaks the language of private equity and venture capital, of closely held businesses and real estate. With broad resources through BDO Alliance USA and our local network of experienced transaction attorneys, lenders and consultants, your ideal can be a done deal.

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